Linkery w30

If you read and highlight a lot on Kindle, and use highlights to review your reading, Bookcision is a bookmarklet letting you easily download your highlights from Amazon Cloud reader. For Amazing Marvin users, let’s one generate a bookmarklet for adding websites as Marvin tasks. For the simplest case this might remove the need […]

Books Work

Business Model Generation

This is the generation that came after the Millennials, right? More seriously, this is a beautifully visual book on a topic that no startup or even established business can really afford to ignore. These are my notes on it, from the perspective that was relevant for me at the time of reading, and hopefully useful […]


The War of Art

I read this book years ago and it was recommended to me by a dear friend who had noticed I was shying away from my talents. Now I’m revisiting my notes in preparation for altMBA, quoting bits that moved me then, and seeing what resonates with me now. So you are paralyzed with fear, it’s […]


The Case For Lesser Of Two Evils

I was a kid when Chernobyl happened, old enough to remember it, and based in Finland at the time. I remember that yes, it was scary. But as a grown-up there are more scary things in the world, such as the climate change. In Germany that feels particularly scary, because the country is currently on […]


What kind of interfaces does your team have?

Development Teams in Scrum are supposed to be cross-functional, with all the skills as a team necessary to create a product increment. Often the team looks very cross-functional, yet seems to be unable to create what’s needed, even though all the required skills seem to be present. What could be going on? One of the […]


An Endless Rabbit Hole or Constantly Becoming

WordPress setup feels like an endless rabbit hole of themes, plugins and the constant nagging feeling that something could be somehow better. Rationally thinking, yes, of course it could be better. There would always be some theme that is prettier, yet professional. Some plugin, that would bring an improvement. Some or other setting to tweak. […]